Services Offered

Enterprise Data Warehouse Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

Discovering the power of your data by building systems specifically designed to expand your business knowledge, insights and understanding to ultimately make your company more profitable.

Data Warehouse Designs

From complex enterprise data warehouses to simple prototypes, we can build according to your specifications in both size and scope to fit the desired outcome. Leveraging industry standards and Microsoft technologies our designs can meet any business needs.

Self-Service Business Intelligence

With the end user in mind, solutions are focused on their specific needs that are designed to empower them to be able to solve their own business problems, leverage the data and discover new insights.

Power Business Intelligence

Extending those enterprise data warehouse and self-service business intelligence designs to the Cloud with Office 365 to allow instant access to those solutions from any browser at any time. Additionally making use of Excel 2013 services of Power Query to enable users to easily search and access public data and their organization’s data, all within Excel. Power Map, a 3D data visualization tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with geographic and temporal data. Power Pivot for creating and customizing flexible data models within Excel. Power View for creating interactive charts, graphs and other visual representations of data.

Advanced Analytics / Data Mining

Leverage rich and innovative data-mining algorithms to support common business problems promptly and accurately. Implement forecasting to predict sales and inventory amounts and learn how they are interrelated to foresee bottlenecks and improve performance. Use data exploration to analyze profitability across customers or compare customers who prefer different brands of the same product to discover new opportunities.

Advanced SQL Server Administration

Transactional SQL Optimizations

Fine tuning your stored procedures, functions and all other uses of the T-SQL code in your database system to leverage industry standard best practices to gain high performance.

Transactional Database Designs

With years of database design experience, we will create a database design that is custom made for your business needs using industry standards for modeling and performance either from scratch or extending on a current business model.

Precision Performance Tuning

Leaving no stone unturned, we will discover all bottlenecks within your system by looking all throughout your database system allowing your applications and databases to perform optimally.

Infrastructure Designing and Planning

Strategic Hardware Designs

Our strategic hardware designs help to optimize your hardware for high performance of SQL Server related to SANs and Servers by making use of the inner workings of the SQL Server engine.

Capacity planning

The amount of data being collected by most companies is growing exponentially and managing that growth is imperative. We can build a strategic long term plan to account for all the hardware and software needs that are vital to manage your company's data.

High Availability - Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery Strategic Planning

With company data being the life blood of your company it is imperative that such asset is securely located and recoverable. Our plan will ensure complete recoverability of your company data. SQL Server Clustering might fit your need to make your data highly available. We can precisely build the right SQL Server cluster configuration that fits your business requirements. Replication is another method to make your data available in multiple locations. Our configurations take into account all of your business requirements to produce the best design.

SQL Server Virtualization

With the ever increasing cost of running SQL Server on stand alone servers, virtualizing those system might be the right fit. We can leverage our experience to give your business confidence that virtualization will work properly when you make the switch to the new system.

Mentoring - Advising - Training

Professional DBA Mentor

Perhaps you have a junior or mid-level DBA / Database Developer that would benefit from a Senior DBA coming along side to quickly help expand their knowledge that can be directly applied to the business now. Often the answer is to send off the junior IT Professional to training. Such training is usually informative and useful, but it is not all that specific to your business. As a result, your employee returns with some helpful "best practices" and perhaps some quick changes to the system that add some improvement overall; however, the deeper issues don’t really get addressed or resolved. Having a mentor in-house that knows your business and system can quickly bring your staff up to speed which can have a positive impact on the success of the business both in the near and long term.

Professional DBA Advisor

Do you want to know if what you have designed will work most efficiently or even at all? What is hidden in the proposed solution that you can’t see because you don’t have enough experience to know there might be an issue? Wouldn’t it be nice to know if it’s going to work as planned originally which will save the cost of re-engineering it down the road? We can often save companies money by architecting the design correctly the first time. Whether that concern is big or small having a trusted Professional Advisor on hand can really put the management team at ease long before you get to that fork in the road.

Customized Technical Training

• Self-Service Business Intelligence - Leverage Excel Services to gain business knowledge and understanding with Power Pivot, Power Query, Power Map, and Power View.

• SQL Server Analysis Service - Gain insights into the inner workings of the engine to learn how to build effective cubes for high performance.

• SQL Server Reporting Service - Build solutions through reporting services from concept to a finished product making use of all the latest features.

• Transactional and Data Warehouse Design Fundamentals - Focus on a creating a practical understanding of what it takes to build transactional and data warehouse systems.

• T-SQL Programming from Basics to Advanced - Teach the essentials of the T-SQL language to help developers create more efficient solutions.

• SQL Server Integrated Service - Designed to learn how to extract, transform and load data from multiple sources to leverage all of its capabilities.

Professional System Support

Activity Managed Systems

Actively managed systems is a service we offer for systems we already know through one of the following ways: 1.) It’s our own design, 2.) we performance tuned it, or 3.) we built it out from its original design. If any of these three aren't true we would require spending time investigating, learning and understanding your system before we would Actively Manage it. Once that is completed, we would become your primary DBA and would be responsible for your production database system. This means we are committed to the highest degree of data integrity. Our approach is to proactively prevent any minor issues from becoming major ones. This doesn't mean we can prevent all disasters but it does increase our chances of success by building a strong strategic plan ahead of time. A big part of this entails us constantly being on the hunt for any possible threats to your SQL Server Databases and includes monitoring your hardware. This also creates the opportunity for us to sync up with your internal team utilizing our experience to deliver successful system modifications which in turn gives management more confidence in their technology investment. This service sometimes removes the need for a full time DBA which can significantly lower the operating cost of IT budgets.

DBA Services A-La-Carte - We offer a variety of specialized DBA Services that can be a nice fit for any system issue, project or maintenance support.

• DBA Professional Part-Time - Do you want a DBA that has a mindset of a Full-time DBA but you only have to pay Part-time. This is a very popular service with several of our clients. Perhaps you have never had a DBA on staff and know you really need one. Perhaps, the role has been filled by a developer, manager or some other poor soul that has too much other work to do and is not all that interested in the responsibilities nor becoming a DBA. Often we come in and set the ship to right by making sure the business has the complete business continuity / recoverability it needs, fix all performance issues and set up monitoring to proactively fix minor issues before they become major ones. From our clients' feedback, this is a very cost effective solution.

• DBA Professional Per Project - Now it's time to get down to brass tacks, you have project a plan and are ready to execute it. You need a DBA to fill the specific role for the life of the project, after that you are not sure if you need a DBA on staff and hiring one just for a project is hard to find. We specialize in project based solutions.

• DBA Professional As Needed - In today’s economy, it’s not always economically viable to have a full-time DBA on staff. We have discovered that many companies are migrating to the cloud and more off-site services. An in-house DBA is not needed but they still have issues and what support when necessary. We can help you with those tasks.

• DBA Professional On Call - There are times when you need a solution because your system is not performing properly. You don’t have time to sit on 12-hour Microsoft support line call as they cover all their bases because they don’t know your business or system. Since we have knowledge of your system we can quickly diagnosis and resolve the issue, allowing you to focus back on the business.

Specialized Software Development

Business Intelligence Development

Employing​ several languages to make any Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence project a success, we offer programming services for the following:​
• MDX (Analysis Services Multidimensional Expressions)
• DMX (Data Mining Extensions)
​• DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)
• ​​XMLA (Analysis Services XML)
• BIML​ (Business Intelligence Markup Language)

Web and .Net Development

We have extensive experience which we can utilize to help you complete any projects related to Web sites, Web Applications, Web Services and much more:​​
• SharePoint
• ​jQuery, Javascript, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP

Extended SQL Server Development

Going way beyond the basics, we can help you extend the capabilities of your SQL Server by providing high quality solutions using the following languages:​​
• PowerShell
​• Advanced Transactional SQL
• CLR (Common Language Runtime)

Microsoft BI Stack Development

No project is too big or small. We offer a wide array of solutions with the following technologies. These can be stand alone or become your entire solution:​
• SQL Server Integration Service​​​
• SQL Server Reporting Services
• SQL Server Analysis Services