Our Projects

"OpportuneTech was instrumental in helping us design an Enterprise Data Warehouse to leverage Business Intelligence which produced better business insights."

-- Chief Information Officer

"After interviewing several consulting companies, we are very pleased with the work OpportuneTech has completed for us. Their Performance Tuning work really allowed our systems to run optimally, which gave us the accurate information we needed, so together we could right size our next hardware purchase. In addition, their SSIS training allowed us to expand our business more efficiently."

-- Vice President, Information Technology

"OpportuneTech jumped in with minimal transition to manage our Data Warehouse and multiple Business Intelligence projects. They took the time to understand our business and offered recommendations that strengthened our infrastructure, processes and ultimately our products for both internal and external clients."

-- Research Director

"OpportuneTech's DBA services added a high level of expertise which allowed us to confidently design new hardware to leverage the Microsoft SQL Server platform along with extensive work in precision performance tuning our systems."

-- Director of Information Technology

"The Opportune Tech Team was instrumental in the delivery of our new Website. Opportune Tech added value to all the technical aspects of the project well beyond the website itself including hardware configuration, database design, and data integration. They were committed to our company plan and their execution of it was key to the success of our project."

-- Director Information Technology